John Cena

"... and his name is ..."



Birthday: June 19th
He thinks?

He has faded memories of a time long ago, but none that are concrete.
As far as anyone knows, he was created by a Nameless God, coming to existence and following Terry and the rest of the party.
On his way out of the Mournlands from whence he came, the party came across what appeared to be a brutal battle between orcs and humans. John inquired about half orcs, and Sujax demonstrated by cleaving an orc in two, skull to groin. John then found a mysterious Vial of dark red liquid inside the now half-orc’s half-mouth cavity, and after determining it to be non-fatal, downed the substance. To everyobody’s surprise, he proceeded to transform into a dragonoid, growing wings and a tail, his skin sprouting scales and his eyes began to glow red.

John Cena

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