Shayle Armstead

Lightning Wizard


19yrs old, small (5’5") woman of 19. Rather skinny, has black hair and purple eyes. Rarely seen without her hat, which is dyed a deep blue, with light blue lightning patterns streaking up it. The word Wizard is embroided on the front of The Hat in goldish thread, and the inner and outer edge of the brim are trimmed in a silvery velvet. Also carries around a staff which is embedded with a small gem the colour of a clear blue sky.


Originates from Wyvernskull, where she studied magic for a large portion of her youth. Shayle took a liking to air manipulation and advanced this interest into lightning magic later on. Not the most socially savvy person and has a hard time concealing her feelings and motives. Her father is a womanising arse who has deterred Shayle from seeking any romantic partners in no small way.

Shayle Armstead

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