Born from the battle field, he came then just kept coming and coming and...


Su’Jax is a 7’ tall man of men. A mountain of muscles and face that melts hearts. Carrying a huge Steel Naginata and wearing a custom Bear Plate Armor makes him a sight to behold. If you look at his hands his gauntlets look mismatched from the rest of his armor, they look like the hands of a juggernaut that can crush boulders. He has Emerald Eyes, Raven hair, and Steely skin painted with countless scars. If you’re lucky enough to see him shirtless you’d see he has washboard abs. If you’re getting lucky and see him pants less you’d see that if Centaurus were stallions normally, they would be ponies compared to Su’Jax.


Part 1

Su’Jax has never knew his parents, but his family was always big. His earliest memories was when he was conscripted to his first war band at age 4. At the time they thought he was 12 judging by his size and dead look in his eyes. They said they found him in a corpse pile. They told him that they nearly sh*t themselves when they lite it to make a pyre then a kid came crawling out it. So they cleaned him up, feed him, and asked If he has a place to go. He shook his head from side to side. Then they asked if he would work with them. He quietly nodded his head and continued eating…

Part 2

Three months later the group was out-posted at a valley, protecting the rear flank of an army. The weather was cold and damp, and all there was to eat was weevily bread, goat cheese, and goat jerky. They got there water from a well, on a hill, by a forest, a bit and a half away from camp but the water had so much iron in it that you could make an arrow head after boiling a pot of it. Over the coarse of three months Su’Jax has participated in battles by slitting the throats of enemies if they fell in battle or carrying his allies to safety. After battles he would “help” with treating the inured by bringing bandages or tonics to the nurse, and even sawed a mans leg off once. The man stepped in a bear trap got an infection, and the others were busy holding him down. Su’Jax always held a blank expression on his face and never said a word. Some even joked that a corpse actually did crawl out from the pyre because it forgot it was dead, they so nick named him Pyre, and they all laughed, all except for Jenni. Jenni was a an androgynous man whose name was actually Jensen, but was picked on for his slender body, long hair, and high pitched voice. He even got drunk once lost a bet was forced to wear a dress, but then turn out being the prettiest girl in the bar. But besides his looks he was still a great spear man behind the shield wall.

Part 3

One night on a full moon Su’Jax was getting ready to pull water from the well. He garbed a bucket and put his dinner inside, witch tonight was stale bread, a piece of jerky, and a small wheel of cheese. The cheese was hard and muddy. But he packed a small knife and was going to wash it off at the well so he felt lucky, and was happy that it fell of the cart this morning. When he got to the well Jenni was there gazing at the stars and chewing on a cattail. Jenni was waiting for him and waved over to Su’Jax when he was half way up the hill. When he go to the top, Jenni wore a smile and greeted him warmly. Su’Jax believed he was after the cheese so he put the bucket by the well and went over to talk to him. Witch for Su’Jax meant looking at him and nodding or shrugging. Jenni went on talking about destinies, constellations, and fate. Su’Jax was spaced out until Jenni asked “I’ve told you about great warriors and dragons whose fate earned them a space in the heavens. Some of those stars have stories forgotten but still shine brightly wishing to be remembered. Out of all of the stars witch one was your favorite?” Su’Jax pointed at the moon witch was full and beautiful tonight. It was bigger and brighter than any of the other stars he thought. Jenni put his head at Su’Jax’s shoulder and looked at where he has pointing then burst out laughing. “Your funny kid aha ha… ha..ha. Hey I wanna show you something. Look over there.” He pointed at a pair of stars and started telling a story about them hugging Su’Jax around his neck.

Part 4

The hug was tight but warm and kept getting tighter and warmer. Su’Jax thought it was fine till he got light headed and started seeing more and more stars, then the whole sky went black everything went black. Next thing he knew he was cold but felt warmth above him. He opened his eyes and saw that he and Jenni was naked, and Jenni had him pinned. I’ll summarize for you so you can ware white on your wedding day. Jenni “took advantage” of Su’Jax. Jenni boasted about his spearmanship, how penetration came naturally to him, and talked about if the others saw his Johnson and juice crew it would shut them up. Su’Jax’s face finally showed emotion racketed between pleasure and pain as he let out small grunts and moans. But he kept focus on the moon admiring its beauty. The moon was with him tonight so it was ok. When all was said and done Su’Jax looked over at the camp and saw it aflame and chariots riding on the hillsides. Three chariots came up to the well the first one was plated in metal and had a man better armored with a plumed helmet. Jenni put on a shirt and calmly went over to talk to the man.

Part 5

Su’Jax listened to their conversation. Jenni poisoned he drink back at camp and sold out the war band. He betrayed them, he was a traitor. Jenni joked how the war band couldn’t hold there drink like true men and that sparked laughter. Su’Jax didn’t find it funny, Jenni is a snake, and now he is laughing at him his family. Su’Jax now leaning against the well was staring at Jenni with his normal dead expression. Jenni went over to him and said “Come on get dressed we are going with them. We will continue were we left of later. Your mine now My little pyre.” CRACK!!! Like as if a chandler fell onto a china set something shattered inside Su’Jax. He reached into the bucket and pulled the cheese knife out in one movement Jenni was castrated. In a second movement he had a wet virgin gash that just got penetrated between “his” legs, and with a third movement there was cold metal in “his” heart. Barely two seconds after he finished the word pyre he was looking up at Su’Jax’s situate in the moon and on for the first time Su’Jax had a smile on his face. Laughing.

Part 6

Su’Jax never considered slitting throats killing before. He thought of it more as giving mercy. To him this was his first kill and his first joke. Taking everything Jenni took from him and more. Stealing his “Spearmans’s Pride”, making him the b*tch everyone saw him as, taking the life he stole from others. He took the knife out of his heart and continued to butcher to body. The warmth flowing over his hands was also filling his heart. The blade went dull from slashing so now he was only stabbing. So then he thought to himself ‘penetration really dose feel good.’ He was now howling with laughter the man with a plumed helm was now laughing too. Stabbing and stabbing now stabbing though the corpse hitting cobblestone under the corpse. After a few dozen times clinking against the stone the knife finally broke. So Su’Jax chucked the handle into the well. the started beating the pile of meat with his fists he continued laughing and punching and the man was laughing too until he started choking from laughter and took a drink from his wine-skin. Su’Jax pounded the gore with his fists until he had bloody knuckles and shards of bone in his arms, and then he worked through the pain and punched some more. It felt good , so good he didn’t want to stop. Though he did stop when he was just punching bloody mud. He fell to his back and stared at the moon, arms throbbing and heart soaring. No longer laughing but still smiling.


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