Adamantine Weapons and Armor

Adamantine is a famously durable metal that has innate magical properties. While Adamantine deposits are found all over Khorvaire it is most commonly found around the areas around the three remaining major underground Dwarvish cities. Adamantine comes in two forms; Depleted/False Adamantine or True Adamantine the later is normally referred to as just “Adamantine”. Depleted Adamantine is Adamantine that has all the magical properties sapped from it, making it extremely heavy. Depleted Adamantine is most common in Castle Vault doors and portcullis. Adamantine Weapons are usually more expensive than armor because of the extra how much longer it takes to temper, hone and balance than regular steel. Adamantine weapons and armor cannot be cheap.

Depleted Adamantine used in Weapons:

300% weapon weight, +25% weapon HP, +1 damage as crushing (Weight brings the weapon up two size modifiers) | +5 CF

Depleted Adamantine used in Armor:

300% Armor Weight, +0.25 armor HP , +1 DR | +4 CF

True Adamantine used in Weapons:

+50% weapon HP, (4) Armor Divisor vs. Magical-based DR, Considered Magical Staff for spellcasting, +1 Weapon HT, Considered to be 300% its weight when dealing with breakage, +1 Damage

+100 CF when used in anything smaller than a Shortsword +65 CF for anything about the size of a Shortsword +50 CF for Broadsword and larger

True Adamantine used in Armor:

+50% armor HP, DR +2, Gives Magical Resistance 1 (Improved) to the hit location it is on, Gives the wearer Magical Resistance 2 (Improved) everywhere if wearing it on all hit locations other than the face, -10% weight. | +30 CF

Adamantine Weapons and Armor

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