House and Optional Rules

Optional Rules

  1. Severe Bleeding
  2. +dmg to dice
  3. Accumulated Limb Injury
  4. Damage to Shields
  5. Maintaining Skills
  6. Changing Posture in Armour
  7. All armour is from Low Tech
  8. Blunt Trauma and Edged Weapons
  9. Extreme Dismemberment
  10. New Hit Locations
  11. Severe Bleeding
  12. Lasting and Permanent Injuries
  13. Deceptive ranged attacks

House Rules

  1. The answer is always no
  2. Succeeding a defense by the DB of your shield means the shield is hit
  3. max 20 points spent between HP, Striking ST, Lifting ST
  4. Character points → Combat, Character and General points
  5. Long term fatigue
  6. Expanded Resurrection rules
  7. The campaign is unfair, deal with it

Character Creation rules

  1. Characters start as the lowest point total in the party
  2. The disadvantage limit is 40
  3. No exotic or supernatural advantages, disadvantages or skills without explicit permission by the dm
  4. Don’t try to sneak stuff past the dm
  5. The maximum SE a character can start with is 2 or if you get SE on your racial template use whatever is higher. ( 2 or X)
  6. The maximum skill level is 18 or DX+4 whichever is higher
  7. Most leveled advantages or disadvantages are capped at 2 if they are not included on your racial template.

House and Optional Rules

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