Mana Drain

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Mana Drain Spell (subject to change in the future)

Spell Type: Regular

FP Cost: 6 to Cast

Cast Time: 3 Seconds

You force an excess of mana through the targets magical conduits into your own body providing yourself with the mana you so dearly desire.

First make a casting roll, on success the target has to make an HT roll, you can put in more FP to reduce their HT roll at a rate of 3:1 (FP:HT). If they fail they lose power investiture / Magery = to their margin of failure. If they fail by enough that they would go into negative levels of Magery they begin to lose FP.

The Caster gains 1d6 FP (as per their addiction) and gain half of the drained Magery (for 1d6+casters magery) minutes.

This spell can have a serious and permanent effect on a persons ability to use the magical conduits they are born with. If a person has Mana Drain successfully cast on them they take a -1 to their magery and fp for the next casting, this effect lasts a month. If a person goes into negative FP they start to lose HP and magery (permanently) which can only be restored through a Regeneration spell targeted at the magical conduits in a persons body (which is at a -10 because it cannot be seen or felt)

Permanent Magery loss = to 2 HP lost this way.

Mana Drain

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