Opening of the Ash Beacon

The “Opening of the Ash Beacon” is the single most important series of events in the history of the continent of Khorvaire by most accounts ( the creation of the continent is argued by the few dragons that witnessed it to be more important). Before the Ash Beacon opened the area around it was called the “Forests of Eldeen” a continuation of the Eldeen reaches where spirits of the forest, humans and elves all lived in harmony under the protection of towering trees unlike any other in the world. However once the Ash Beacon opened the innumerable ranks of the Infernal swarmed from the depths of astral planes, consuming all in their unholy path.

The Forests of Eldeen fell quickly under the relentless assaults from the Infernal. The inhabitants were unable to put up a suitable defense and after just six months all but one city in the demons wastes remained. Ashtakala with it’s walls of adamantine and Circle of Magi were able to repel the Infernal invaders for two years before an army from the east was able to assist them. To this day it is the only city that has survived a full assault by the forces of the Infernal and survived without divine intervention.

In the end it was the dragons’ intervention that prevented the Infernal from spreading east. Through the use of their fiery breath they were able to kill the Infernal in the Forest of Eldeen and used the timeless magic at their disposal to transform the Eldeen Reaches to a natural fortress against the hordes of demons and devils.

It has been 2000 years since then and the Demon wastes are still infested with Infernal and other unholy creations, the Crusaders are the only military force that operates outside of Ashtakala and have made it their mission to eliminate all Infernal residing in Khorvaire. Ashtakala is the only city in the Demon Wastes still completely controlled by Khorvairians, as all other cities in the Demon Wastes are ruled by devils.

Opening of the Ash Beacon

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