Player Casualties

War of Mourn

  1. Scooby-Dooby
  2. Smeagol
  3. Gandaldore
  4. Zarquon, the one true god
  5. John Cena
  6. Juraxxus
  7. Lyra, the ho
  8. Verazi, The sucky Magerkiller
  9. One-Eyed Johnny
  10. Zephira, The Eyeless, Armless, Slave.
  11. Brack, The Enchanter-smith
  12. Doc Black, The Doctor
  13. Sujax, The Weaponmaster
  14. Ronna, The Anime cat- girl
  15. Doggo, The Wolf-Like – Dog
  16. Mr. Tiffany, the Cat-person mister
  17. Sypas Strider, The failed cowgirl
  18. Max Silverwind, Champion of the Fae

Favor of Thrane

1. Kain, The Bounty Hunter
2. Shalbaz, The Pyrolock
3. Vann De Sperate, The Pixie
4. Sir William Jackson, The Knight
5. Drek Twilight, The Duskling
6. Grigori, The Hobo

Bounty Hunters

1. Pyro – Level One “Novice” Bard

Darkest Timeline

1. Maximillian Frederick Greywind, The Spartan
2. Mr. Trixie, the only one that tried healing magic
3. Mr. Sax
4. Ash, Got Crow’d

Player Casualties

The War of Mourn Orenria