Terry's Arms and Armours Suggestions


The Armour Piercing Sword: If armour is your problem, this sword is your solution. Swinging damage is turned into crushing, but impaling damage gains a (2) armour divisor. This weapon shines when used in a defensive grip (Martial Arts. 109). It takes both hands, but you gain + 1 to parries from the front (and an additional – 1 from the side), improved breakage statistics, has reach C, and gains a – 2 reduction to the penalty for hitting chinks in the armour. All rigid armour has chinks on the torso, targetable at – 8 normally. A hit to the chinks divides armour by a further 2, allowing even thick segmented plate to be pierced with ease. Chinks in plate armour are even easier to hit, with an additional + 2 when targeting them. Unfortunately, flexible armour does not have the same vulnerabilities as rigid armour, and has no chinks to target. Does Thr + 2 impaling at 1,2 and Sw + 1 crushing at 1.

Longsword (1), Armour Piercing (+ 3) TL 3 (x 2) = $700 * 4 * 2 = $5600

The Armour Piercing Spear: Armour is frequently the downfall of thrust impaling weapons. This variation on the classic spear is designed for maximum armour penetration and reach, to keep those pesky knights away. Best used in two hands for Thr + 3 impaling damage that divides DR by 2, and gives reach 2,3*, and allows for parries and attacks in the same turn. This particular version is also Balanced for a + 1 to effective skill.

Long Spear (1), Armour Piercing (+ 9), Balanced (+ 4), Fine (+ 2), TL 3 (x 2) = $60 * 16 * 2 = $1920


Copper Platemail: Iron platemail may not exist due to the difficulties of making large sheets of it, but copper is a far easier substance to work with. Perfect for a warrior with plenty of carrying capacity looking to really up their protection. The gaps are easy to hit though (Only a – 6 to target the chinks on the torso) so be careful and think about picking up a suit of chainmail to wear underneath. A CF of + 3 forges the suit out of bronze instead of copper for + 1 DR, and a CF of + 5 has the suit expertly tailored for a weight reduction of 15% and – 1 to hitting the chinks.

Torso: Heavy Plate (Copper), DR 8, $4000, 32lb
Arms: Medium Plate (Copper), DR 5, $1250, 10lb
Legs: Medium Plate (Copper), DR 5, $2500, 20lb
Hands: Medium Plate Gauntlets (Copper), DR 5, $250, 2lb, gives Ham Fisted 2
Feet: Medium Plate Sabatons (Copper), DR 5, $250, 2lb
Neck: Medium Plate (Copper), DR 5, $125, 1lb
Head: Padded Heavy Plate Full Helm (Copper), DR 8, $1200, 11.5
Total: DR 8/5, $9575, 78.5lb

Cheap Segmented Plate: Segmented plate is one of the most effective TL 2 armours, resistant to all forms of damage equally and reasonably priced for the protection. For cash strapped warriors the cheap version of this armour adds weight but reduces the overall price compared to medium segmented plate. This cheap version has a CF of 0.4 (Except on the head). The non-cheap version costs $2775 and gives + 1 DR everywhere except the head.

Torso: Heavy Segmented Plate (Cheap), DR 4, $480, 32lb
Arms: Medium Segmented Plate (Cheap), DR 3, $180, 12lb
Legs: Medium Segmented Plate (Cheap), DR 3, $360, 24lb
Hands: Medium Segmented Plate Gauntlets (Cheap), DR 3, $36, 2.4lb, gives Ham Fisted 2
Feet: Medium Segmented Plate Sabatons (Cheap), DR 3, $36, 2.4lb
Neck: Medium Segmented Plate (Cheap), DR 3, $18, 1.2lb
Head: Padded Medium Hardened Leather Full Helm, DR 3, $53, 6.3lb
Total: DR 4/3, $1163, 80.3lb

Light Chainmail: Perfect for characters with low ST, or as an under layer to more serious armours when encumbrance is an issue. Suffers greatly against crushing damage though, so avoid combat with anyone who could threaten to crush through your armour. Gauntlets are omitted because they interfere with fast draw, which some wearers may use often.

Torso: Light Mail, DR 3/1, $500, 12lb
Arms: Light Mail, DR 3/1, $250, 6lb
Legs: Light Mail, DR 3/1, $500, 12lb
Hands: None
Feet: Light Mail Sollerets, DR 3/1, $50, 1.2lb
Neck: None (See head)
Head: Light Mail Coif, DR 3/1, $150, 3.6lb
Total: DR 3/1, $1450, 35lb

Protecting the Eyes: The eyes have always been a vulnerable spot on most humanoid races, as they can’t really be armoured without impairing vision. The common solution seems to be armouring the rest of the face and leaving only slits for the eyes to see through, increasing the penalty to attack the eyes to -10 (see targetting chinks in the armour, LowTech p.101) at the cost of vision. While a tricky shot to make, a skilled warrior is capable of landing such a blow. Eye hits are lethal, almost always destroying the eye and incapacitating the warrior, as well as often causing brain damage or death. Thus, every possible precaution should be made to not get hit in the eye. A helmet with expert tailoring imposes an additional -1 to hit chinks in that helmet, including to the eyes. A light and economic variant are listed.

1) Light Segmented Plate Full Helm (Expertly Tailored, Padded): DR4, $1095, 5.61lb
2) Medium Layered Leather Full Helm (Expertly Tailored, Padded): DR4, $411, 8.43lb

Protecting the Limbs: Impaling weapons don’t have the same damage multiplier against limbs as torso, making them less of a worry for those armouring their limbs. Swing based cutting and crushing weapons are the most effective ways to cripple limbs, with cutting weapons being able to take a limb clean off. Listed are two splinted versions of limb armour. Splinting gives +1DR vs cutting, and increases the weight, cost, and hp of armour. Both variants are DR4, meaning 9 cutting damage is needed to break through the armour and draw blood.

1) Heavy Leather Splinted Leg Armour: DR3/4/2, $250, 25lb (4 vs cutting, 2 vs impaling)
2) Hardened Heavy Leather Splinted Leg Armour: DR3/4, $312.5, 31.25lb (4 vs cutting)
In all cases, halve cost and weight for arm armour.
Compare Fine Mail: DR4/2*, $900, 15lb (2 vs crushing)
Mail, and metal armour in general, will be lighter but much more expensive.

Terry's Arms and Armours Suggestions

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