Terry's Equipment

The following are several pieces of equipment quintessential to Terry.

Cloud Slayer: The original cloud slayer struck down a mighty air elemental in a single blow, after it had proved invulnerable to all other forms of attack. Unfortunately destroyed in battle, the replacement was forged by the finest workmen of the Black Sky City to Terry’s exact specifications. Cloud Slayer is a supremely balanced axe made entirely of mithril, with flanges added around the grips to protect the wielders hands. It’s axe head is honed to a razor sharp edge and features a jagged spike hardened to improve armour penetration on the reverse. Engraved along the right right face of the axe head is the following phrase in dwarvish: “The Strong Stand on the Bodies of the Weak”.

Cloud Slayer is a: Very Fine Balanced Mithril axe with a Fine Balanced Armour Piercing pick on the reverse. The handle has a hilt to protect the hands. Weighs 3.6lb, but is treated as 4.75 for breakage and receives 1 extra DR.

Cloud slayer is enchanted with: Accuracy +1, Pussiance +1, Penetrating Weapon (2), And Flaming Weapon. It is limited with a Name enchantment.

Cost: 10 725 gold pieces.
Mithril Very Fine Balanced Axe with Hilt : 1+49+4+0.25 = $50*69.25 = 3462.5 * 2 (TL3) = 6925g
Mithril Fine Barbed Balanced Armour Piercing Pick: : 1+9+4+9 = $50*38 = $1900 * 2 (TL3) = 3800g

Mage Slayer: This monumental crossbow has been a possession of Terry’s for most of his long adventuring career. An inbuilt crank allows Terry to overcome the huge draw weight of this crossbow, which is commonly used to hurl armour piercing bolts at the most dangerous targets identified on the battlefield. Terry also keeps a small stash of particularly well crafted bolts and poisons for use with Mage Slayer. Mage Slayer has killed many things over it’s carrer, including:

A demon summoning wizard.
A T-rex

Mage Slayer is a: ST 19 Crossbow with a 1.5x ST winch.
Cost: 205 gold pieces
Crossbow: 150gp
Winch: 55gp

Armour: This expertly crafted suit of armour is forged from mithril in rings and scales. The bottom layer is an extremely comfortable suit of heavy mail, padded with fine furs and shaped to reduce it’s weight while maintaining it’s strength (+ 1 ornamental). The middle layer is similarly made, but both padded and edged in fine sable fur (+ 2 ornamental). The top layer is a torso piece of thick solid bronze expertly tailored to rest easily on the wearer. This torso piece is etched with the design of Terry’s house, a raven resting atop an axe head (+1 ornamental).

Base Heavy Mail (Torso, Arms, Legs, Gauntlets, Sollerets) = 1200+600+1200+120+120 = $3240, 48.5lb
Top layer Expert Tailored Bronze Heavy Torso Plate with a simple etching = 1 + 3 + 5 + 1.5 = 10.5CF * $4000 = $42 000, 27lb
Middle layer Expert Tailored Mithril Heavy Mail with Sable Fur Trim and: 1 + 5 + 12 + 4 = 22CF * $3240 = $71 280, 29lb
Bottom layer Expert Tailored Mithril Heavy Mail with simple Fur Trim: 1 + 5 + 12 + 1 = 19CF * $3240 = $61 560, 29lb
Provides DR 21/17 to the torso, 12/8 elsewhere, weighs 85lb total, costs 174 840 gold pieces

Terry Wants

Shield: This beautiful shield (+ 3 ornamental) is expertly made and forged of mithril. The front features a delicate and beautiful copy of the crest of the Raven, while the back features the carved names of the allies he has lost over his adventures.
Large Balanced Shield made of Mithril with a Complex Relief, inlaid with Carnelian = 1 + 12 + 5 + 20 + 4 = 42CF * $90 = $3780. Has 13DR/120HP, weighs 37.5lb, DR 3, provides 43 cover DR, and + 1 to the users shield skill.

Terry's Equipment

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