Terry's Spell Suggestions

Miasma of Death or Armstead’s Lightning Storm: Two powerful spells that grant a wizard the ability to control large areas of a battlefield for an extended period of time. Both affect an 8 yard radius and are easily capable of killing an average man.

Armour: Granting magical armour can render someone immune or resistant to weapons not designed to pierce armour. Armour, Greater provides even more protection.

Healing Touch: All wizards have a touch of cleric in them. If you can’t heal people you’re doing it wrong.

Haste: Powerful buff for melee combatants. Great Haste is stronger, but comes with more risks to the target.

Flight: Flying is powerful in combat, and lasting 90 minutes makes fast travel by air possible for a large group.

Detect Magic: Seriously, you can’t be a wizard if you can’t see magic somehow.

Shield: Use your magic to keep you safe. Provides a great default if you have high IQ and Talent, but you cannot cast other spells while using it.

Prestidigitation: Minor visual effects are useful, and makes you look like a wizard to the peasants.

Dimensional Folding: Long range teleportation changes the game in a big way. No more ambushes on the road, no more months wasted traveling. Try and visit lots of new places when you can, so you can teleport there later.


Dispelling Beam: Undo enemy magic at range. Critical for getting rid of summoned creatures or very powerful buff spells.

Terry's Spell Suggestions

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