Crusader Guardian

Guardians are the healers, enchanters and soothers of a squad, they anchor their brothers and sisters to this world. They are adept with most colleges of magic however they focus on the protection and restoration of the squad.

Guardians unlike other Crusaders are not taken from birth into the Crusader order. A Guardian-in-training will start its’ life in the Circle of Magi, and once trained in the ways of magic will come to the Order of Crusaders and finish his training there. Because of this, Guardians are some of the most powerful wizards of their race. The training done at the Order is mostly spiritual however Guardians do receive basic combat training. Guardians are some of the best and vigorous young wizards that the Circle of Magi has to offer.

Guardians that retire are most likely out of all Crusaders to leave the order and many come under service to the many lords and ladies on Khorvaire. Those that do stay are revered as teachers and wise-men by those that look favorably on the Order.

Crusader Guardian Template (127)

+1 IQ (20)
+1 HT (10)

Advantages: Sorcery 3 (40), Sorcery Talent 2 (20), Depths of Magic 2 (4), Clerical Investment (5)

Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) (-5), Duty (6 or less (-2), Extremely Hazardous (-5), Involuntary (-5) (12)

Skills: 10 points in Spells, 30 points in the following skills (Cartography/TL3, Current Affairs/Tl3 (Politics or headline news), First-aid/TL3, Geography/TL3 (Political), Hidden Lore (Crusades), Heraldry, History (Infernal Incursion on Khorvaire/Crusaders), Intelligence Analysis/TL3, Law (Crusader), Law (x region), Literature, Math/TL3 (Applied), Occultism (Nameless Gods), Politics, Religious Ritual, Research/TL3, Savoir-Faire (Crusader,Military,High society, Circle of Magi),Strategy, Teaching, Thaumatology, Theology, Writing) and 5 points in the following skills (Melee weapon Skill (including shield), Ranged weapon skill, Stealth, Brawling, Boxing, Wrestling, throwing and thrown weapon)

Note for skill: Hidden lores, occultism cannot have more than 2 points put into them from this template.

Crusader Guardian

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