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Major countries

The Big 4

The Krech Dominion a trading powerhouse with thousands of miles of territory the lead the fight against the many bands of pirates. spoken language Krech which is the official trade language AKA a cross of Portuguese and Spanish

The Alliance of Thaniss owns the central continent and rules over their people with an iron fist cloaked in a stiff religion and while they work hard to keep their lands clean they have a huge smuggling problem. spoken language Kaelish aka a mixture of Celtic and Scottish

Raven Rock smallest of the big four countries it’s headed by Queen Tes’ra in shuns outsiders and live “peacefully” in its little bubble spoken language Craw aka a mixture and korean and japanese

The Black-Vaile Empire in a portion of the sea surrounded by reefs and bad weathers the empire holds dominion over the continents and hundreds of islands it’s corrupt and crooked on the inside but prosperous and happy on the out. spoken language Black-Vailian aka a cross between French and Russian

all countries speaks and writes a common tongue which is english but of a thousand dialects and accents

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Pirate Stuff!!!!

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