Crusader Spartan

These Crusaders are the product of a lifetime of war, they are masters of their weapons and are the best combatants a squad has to its disposal. Spartans believe themselves avatars of Silver Dragons often calling fourth a silver dragons spirit from within to “take the wheel”. However they are susceptible to the magical attacks of the Infernal as they often leap headfirst into combat.

Spartans are the muscle of the standard Crusader squad. They spend their days on deployment either training or fighting. Spartans are single-minded in that they are bred for combat. For most Spartans a fight is all they think about. For them, the rush of battle is the place they feel most at home because the training Spartans go through is savage and brutal, effectively so. As with all other spartans recruits they are trained from birth however, unlike other Crusaders they don’t go through a formal education past basic reading and writing. Once the basics of those two have been covered the Spartan training is all about effectiveness and survival in combat.

Crusader Spartan Template (146)

+4 ST (40)
+1 DX (20)
+2 HT (20)
+0.25 Basic Speed (5)

Advantages: Fit (5), Lesser Combat Reflexes (or Combat Reflexes if your race already has LCR) (15), Peripheral Vision (15) Night Vision 2 (2), Off-hand Weapon Training (1)

Disadvantages: Overconfidence (-5), Code of Honor (Soldier), Duty (6 or less (-2), Extremely Hazardous (-5), Involuntary (-5) (12), Sense of Duty (Crusaders) (-10)

Skills: 40 Points in any of the following skills (Melee weapon skills, Ranged weapon skills, Brawling, Wrestling, Throwing, Thrown Weapon, Riding, intimidation, First-aid, Soldier, Observation, animal handling) and 10 points in any of the following skills (Leadership, Tactics, stealth, survival, Savoir-Faire (Crusader/Military), Armory (Weapons/Armor), Religious Ritual)

Crusader Spartan

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