Crusader Templar

Templars guard the minds of their brethren and lash out against the Infernal using holy magics given to them by the Golden Dragons. The Templar’s minds are their strongest asset, and can defend against even a Greater Devil’s mind altering magic.

Templar’s are a special case in the Order of the Crusaders, for they do not get chosen by “Scryers” at birth. They are chosen specifically by a Golden Dragon to receive power magical capabilities. Templars are sometimes even in contact with the dragon that chose them during and after their training.

The Templar training is much more spiritual than that of the other Crusaders, learning about the powers of dragons and that of themselves and how to control it. Templars are also given a decent education and a decent combat training making them highly versatile in and out of combat.

Crusader Templar Template (130)

+2 ST (20)
+1 IQ (20)
+1 HT (10)

Advantages: Clerical Investment (5), 50 points in Holy Magic

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Squad Leader) (-10), Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism) (-5), Duty (6 or less (-2), Extremely Hazardous (-5), Involuntary (-5) (12), Sense of Duty (Crusaders) (-10), Sense of Duty (“your” Gold Dragon) (-2)

Skills: 30 points in the following skills (Administration, Armory (Melee weapons/armor), Body Language, Camouflage, Cartography/TL3, Current Affairs/Tl3 (Politics or headline news), Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-talk, First-aid/TL3, Geography/TL3 (Political), Gesture, Hidden Lore (Crusades), Heraldry, History (Infernal Incursion on Khorvaire/Crusaders), Interrogation, Law (Crusader), Law (x region), Literature, Math/TL3 (Applied), Meditation, Merchant, Observation, Occultism (Nameless Gods), Politics, Religious Ritual, Research/TL3, Savoir-Faire (Crusader,Military), Search, Soldier/TL3, Tactics, Teaching, Thaumatology, Theology, Writing) and 20 points in the following skills (Melee weapon Skill (including shield), Ranged weapon skill, Stealth, Brawling, Boxing, Wrestling, throwing and thrown weapon) and 2 points in the Holy Magic: Harm & Holy Magic: Heal

Note for skill: Hidden lores, occultism cannot have more than 2 points put into them from this template.

Crusader Templar

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