Icehorn Berserker

Icehorn Berserker

In Addition to your racial template (stats cannot go above campaign limits for your race)

Icehorn Berserker (106)

+1 ST (10) +1 HP (2)
+1 DX (20)
+1 HT (10)

Advantages: Signature Gear (Greataxe of the Berserker) (10), Extra Attack (25), Lesser Combat Reflexes (15), Unusual Background ( Born into or Trained by the Icehorn clan) (5)

Disadvantages: Duty (Icehorn Clan, 6 or Less, Involuntary) (7)

Skills: Two additional ranks of Two-handed Axe/Mace (8), One additional Rank of Brawling (4), One additional Rank of Wrestling (4)

Icehorn Berserker

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