Mourn Worms
ST 30; HT15; HP>30
DR4; SM+3; brawl 16; tramples for 3d6 cr

alternate tramples for 5d6 cr(?) and has aprox DR8

Skeleton Archer
ST12; DX12
Crossbow(2d6+2 imp), crossbow skill 14

Skeleton Swordsman
ST12; DX12
Sword(1d6+1 cut); sword skill 14(?); dodge 11 w shield

Medium Sword Skeleton
10ft tall; Sword(2d6+3 cut); sword skill 14+

Huge Axe Skeleton
SM+3; 20ft tall; Axe(6d6+1 cut); skill unknown

Skeleton Crawlers
Dodge 12; Brawl 13+
some sort of spikey finger impaling attack (1d6 imp??)

Mercury Golemn
DR9+ (metal); Dodge 8; HT12+

Child Naga
ST12; HT10
4 arms; 2 bows (1d6+3 imp); fires quickly

Big Naga
HT12; bow (2d6+1); skill unknown
Trident skill 15; 3d6+2 imp

Caster Naga
spell 1: water circle, HT-3+ to pass through, dampens missile damage
spell 2: poison buff deals 1d6+1 DX damage!!
spell 3: ??? creates a proxy to absorb a missile spell?

ST13-; DX12; Speed 6; Move 6;
DR4; shield 14; block 13; DB+3 shield
Sword (1d6+2); Skill 15; poison(HT-2) deals increasing HP and Skill(DX?) damage each second

Mournland Greater Lesser Demon
IQ 13; PER 17; WP 16; HT 15
2handed greatsword (5d6+3 cut); Skill 20-22; Parry<16; Dodge 11
Tail attack (2d6+1 cr); skill 12+; 2 wing attacks (1d6 imp); skill 12+
!!can attack with all 5 at once!!
also has some sort of teleport magic, wards that divide damage, and instant magic shield


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