Terry Made Templates

These templates have been created by Terry (played by Danny) to help with character creation. I’ll add templates here when I have the free time. Templates are created at 150 points, with suggestions for future improvements.

The Rogue
The rogue isn’t a front line fighter, though they can hold their own in a fight if necessary. They excel at exploiting “soft” advantages such as stealth, confusion, and poison. Some rogues are specialists, excelling in one aspect, while others are generalists, preferring to have a large bag of tools to deal with potential problems. A rogue that possesses many IQ or DX based skills would be wise to buy up those base stats, or select a race that offers bonuses to them.

ST: 11 (10)
DX: 11 (20)
IQ: 11 (20)
HT: 13 (30)

HP: 11 (0)
Will: 11 (0)
Per: 13 (10)
FP: 13 (0)

Basic Speed: 6 (0)
Basic Move: 6 (0)

One of: Knife (DX+2), Broadsword (DX+1), Axe/Mace (DX+1), Spear (DX+1) all cost (4)
One of: Shield (DX+2), Cloak (DX+2), Acrobatics (DX+1), Main-Gauche (DX+1) all cost (4)
One of: Bow (DX), Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace) (DX+1), Crossbow (DX+1), Sling (DX-1) all cost (2)
Five of: Stealth (DX+1), Camouflage (IQ+2), Shadowing (IQ+1), Fast Draw (Any) (DX+2), Acting (IQ+1), Detect Lies (IQ), Climbing (DX+1), Diplomacy (IQ), Escape (DX), Fast-Talk (IQ+1), Garrote (DX+2), Holdout (IQ+1), Interrogation (IQ+1), Intimidation (Will+1), Knot-tying (DX+2), Poisons/TL? (IQ), Navigation (Land) (IQ), Observation (Per+1), Pickpocket (DX), Riding (DX+1), Savoir-Faire (Criminal) (IQ+2), Sleight of Hand (DX), Smuggling (IQ+1), Survival (Your choice) (Per+1), Tracking (Per+1), Traps (IQ+1), Brawling (DX+2), Wrestling (DX+1). Sex Appeal (HT+1). All cost (4)
Five of: Same as above, but 1 skill level lower. All cost (2)

advantages and stats
Lesser Combat Reflexes (15)
65 points in: +1 ST (10), +2 IQ (40), +2 DX (40), +3 HP (6), +2 Per (10), +2 Will (10), +2 Basic Move (10), +0.5 Basic Speed (10), Eidetic Memory (5) or Photographic Memory (10), Flexibility (5), Attractive (4) or Handsome (12) or Very Handsome (16), Voice (10), Peripheral Vision (15), Fit (5), Magical Potential (5), Reputation (Variable), Contact (Variable), Contact Group (Variable), Patron (Variable), a race of your choice or more points in skills.

Rogues have a wide and varied range of disadvantages. Pick any -40 for your character. In general, pick disadvantages that you can support with your talents. Kleptomania makes a poor choice for an intellectual, but a good one for a thief. FP is rarely used as a rogue and can be reduced. Basic speed that isn’t a round number (ie. 5.5) is usually a safe option for decreasing down to a round number.

Terry Made Templates

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