The Crusaders

beacon___the_knight_by_joshcorpuz85-d8122um.png (Crusader Squad Captain summoning a holy blade)

The Crusaders are an elite military force that operates in the Demon Wastes and the Eldeen Reaches. They specialize in fighting the Infernal that now reside in these regions, using all resources available to them to seek and destroy any affiliated wit the Infernal. That includes but no limited to, cults that worship demons or devils as their gods, Infernal sympathizers and the like. They have three major bases of operations; one in Ashtakala, one in Greenheart and one in Krona Peak. They also have small attachments in every major city in Khorvaire.

The Crusaders have stayed neutral in the War of Mourn, refusing to fight either side unless they suspect Infernal influence. They currently take volunteers from both sides of the war as well as other city states and factions that aren’t involved in the conflict. They’re operations are currently funded through a treaty system they have with the major factions on Khorvaire, getting surplus weapons and armor and a sum of gold monthly from both the Alliance of Thrane and the Korunda Union.

The Crusaders are a fighting force unmatched in small squad based combat, each Crusader in a squad is estimated to be worth twenty five ordinary infantrymen when fighting with their squad mates as a single unit. Their unshakable resolve and near unmatched combat ability make them the perfect fighting force against endless physical and psychological attacks of the Infernal.

Composition of a Crusader Squad (In order of rank and role)

1) The Squad Leader – Issues orders to his squad mates, trained in the ways of leadership, tactics and strategy these Crusaders are not the best fighters but they are what holds the squad together during times of strife – 1 per squad

2) Spartans – These Crusaders are the product of a lifetime of war, they are masters of their weapons and are the best combatants a squad has to its disposal. Spartans believe themselves avatars of Silver Dragons often calling fourth a silver dragons spirit from within to “take the wheel”. However they are susceptible to the magical attacks of the Infernal as they often leap headfirst into combat. – 4 per squad

3) Templars – Templars guard the minds of their brethren and lash out against the Infernal using holy magics given to them by the Golden Dragons. The Templar’s minds are their strongest asset, and can defend against even a Greater Devil’s mind altering magic. – 3 per squad


4) Guardians- Guardians are the healers, enchanters and soothers of a squad, they anchor their brothers and sisters to this world. They are adept with most collages of magic however they focus on the protection of the squad. – 2 per squad

Leaving the Crusaders

Crusaders that are honorably discharged from service ( through injury or retirement) are often welcomed into the courts of major cities in Khorvaire. It is seen as a great honor and a display of true noble character to fight in the Crusade.

Those that desert the Crusaders are often hunted down and brought to the demons wastes with no food or water and left to die, or simply killed on contact if there is a possibility that the deserter might survive. Housing a deserter is social suicide on Khorvaire so it is a rare occurrence for a deserter to escape the Crusades without punishment for any tangible length of time.

The Crusaders

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