The Timeline

Vol. 1 – Prehistory

This is the timeline from the moment landmass started to form to the current date of 8961. PH stands for Pre Humanity, AC is After Creation [of humanity]. The memories of Akiima the Teller used as primary source of information as well as some fact checking by other races. Research and timeline provided by the highly esteemed University of Korth with assistance by acolytes provided by the Circle of Magi in Koth.


100,000,000 PH – Landmass begins to form the continent of Khorvaire. This event was observed by aquatic pre- dragons, of which there is a single one left alive today. The aquatic pre-dragon named Akiima is said to be over one hundred million years old as of 8961 AC. Akiima has also stated that there are other landmasses that started formed around this time but there is no evidence of said continents to date.

50,000,000 PH – The first dragon walks on land, Akiima recalls it as a terrifyingly beautiful black dragon, known only as Sairum. She is the supposed mother of all land traversing dragons and by extension all living creatures on Khorvaire. It is around this time that plant life appears on the continent.

49,160,299 PH – Sairum dies from an unknown disease, leaving behind a family of twenty thousand dragons of black, white, gold and silver. Akiima recalls that the day she died there was not a sound, like the world itself was in mourning the loss of its mother.

40,000,000 PH – The first Dance of Dragons occurs, halving the dragon population. White dragon numbers dwindle as they get smaller, less intelligent and are mostly inbred but they get more ferocious as time goes on. The first region of Khorvaire is named “Forests of Eldeen and Eldeen reaches” named after a blue/green dragon hybrid that died there as the first casualty of the Dance of Dragons. The carcass brings life to dryads and other small animals.

25,000,000 PH – Most white dragons are unrecognizable from other dragons, all but a small faction of white dragons eventually devolve into reptiles and animals. A small faction of blue dragons recedes into the Forests of Eldeen.

15,000,000 PH – The second dance of dragon occurs, splitting dragons into two main factions. Red, Black and lesser dragons vs Gold, Silver, Green, Blue and other noble dragons and a select few lesser dragons. Bronze, White and hybrid dragon factions continue to stay neutral. The fighting mostly takes place in what is now called the Mournland.

5,000,000 PH – The first of the Elves are seen in the Forests of Eldeen, along with other seemingly sentient creatures ( some elvish accounts suggest these were orc and goblin ancestors). Other dryad-like creatures have started to migrate east to the less developed parts of Khorvaire. This is also around the time that pre-dragons started to shrink in size and intelligence, but become much faster and more agile.

1,000,000 PH – The oldest known metal dragon “Korran”, a dragon made out of iron and bronze succumbs to an unknown illness while in flight. Korran was the single largest dragon to have ever taken flight with a outstretched wingspan of over 10 kilometers long. When he fell the continent’s landscape changed significantly. What was mostly plains turned into vast mountain ranges spanning great distances far beyond the point of impact. From the ashes of his body a new race of sentient beings arose, the Iron Dwarves.

50,000 PH – The Mana Elves’ capital city of Greenheart is founded. It grows rapidly and within one hundred years houses a population of one hundred thousand. This period in Prehistory [50,000 PH – 0 AC] is called the “Golden Age” after the structures of gold that were erected by the Mana Elves in Greenheart.

0 – The third Dance of Dragons occurs. This unlike the other Dances this one lasted a single day, a battle unlike any witnessed on Khorvaire before. The forces of Black and Red vs. the forces of Gold and Silver fought a bloody battle in what is now known as the Mournlands. From sunrise to sunset the battle raged on until the two leaders faced off. During the duel the other dragons ceased their fighting and watched as the two most powerful beings at the time did battle and they were perfectly matched for each other.
In the end both dragons fell, talons and teeth lodged into the other’s’ body. The rest of the night was silent as both sides retreat after the death of their leaders. As they returned to the battlefield the next morning, born through the union of battle a new race emerged- the Humans.

(To read more about the Dance of Dragons Three please proceed to page 2955).

The Timeline

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