Weapons made in the Icehorn Forge

The Icehorn forge is an ancient forge hidden within the caves of the Icehorn Mountain, the forge uses the magical fire of a great Silver Dragon to craft powerful weapons. These weapons are only available to those who finish training to become Icehorn Berserkers or to those who are revered by the clan. One such example of this is of a hooded Orc who single-handedly saved an Icehorn family from death at the hands of a Chained Devil. The identity of the Orc was never uncovered but the weapon was crafted none the less. It rests in the Icehorn Royal Keep waiting to be claimed by the Hero.

Weapon made in the Icehorn Forge:

+1 damage ( scaling based on weapon size), allow 0U weapons to become -2, +1 ST requirement,

Greataxe of the Berserker:

The Greataxe of the Berserker is crafted with it’s wielder in mind, Icehorn Berserkers are among the strongest of their respective race so they need a weapon that can challenge and match that strength. The Greataxe is heavier, but still more wieldy than normal Greataxes due to the magical nature of the metal that was worked, allowing for a shape that makes parrying attacks possibly when they normally wouldn’t be.

SM 0: Damage: SW+5 Cut, SW – Imp (at -2 to skill), Reach: 1,2 , Parry: -2, Cost: Sig Gear / Priceless, Weight: 8 ST: 13

SM+1: Damage: SW+8, SW+1 Imp (-2 to skill, Reach: 1,2, Parry: -2, Cost: Sig Gear / Priceless, Weight: 18, ST: 19

Weapons made in the Icehorn Forge

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